Native speaker in a language school

Language study with native speaker in a language school

Study with native speaker in a language school

The important thing when Japanese learn English at a language school is pronunciation. Japanese are good at memorizing grammar and words, but why are many people not good at pronunciation and conversation? The reason is that the movement of mouth used when pronouncing Japanese is different from that of English, so it will not be good if you do not practice from scratch. It is necessary to train the ability to pronounce as you heard. Whether the instructor is native or not is important. Remembering the movements of your mouth remembers your pronunciation , and the conversation skill will also improve as a result of that. Whether there are beautiful English speaking teachers can be said to be the criteria for deciding the quality of a language school.

The merit of study from native speaker

In the world where the international community continually grows, it is increasingly desirable to be able to speak languages ​​other than your mother tongue. English and other languages ​​such as Chinese and Korean have at the very least a language skill that does not interfere with everyday conversation and communication are necessary for work and also to expand daily life and my world There are many cases. To go to a language school is an effective means when you want to master a foreign language. It is because I can struggle with understanding in a living conversation than learn by self study and remember it with letters. In language schools, native speakers are often teachers. To actually learn by talking to people in that country is very useful for learning living languages.